Infants (6 weeks-15 months)
Infants enjoy a large play and movement area separate from the napping room.  Toys, games and play activities are provided to build motor skills.  A large outdoor play area, separate from the older children, is provided for the infants.  Teachers work together with parents to provide schedules that insure a smooth transtion from home to childcare.
Toddlers (15 months to 3 years)
Toddlers are able to learn and grow in a spacious and stimulating learning environment.  Teachers provide creative activities that help toddlers develop age-appropriate skills.  Empahasis is on helping toddlers continue to develop physical, cognitive and social skills.
Preschool (3 years-5 years)
Preschool children are provided with planned and organized activities that include reading, writing, math and listening skills.  Art, music and physical development are also part of the learning activities.  Qualified teachers assist students with individual and group activities designed to develop readiness skills for kindergarten. 
Before and After-school Programs
A van is available to provide transportation to and from local schools.  Teachers assist with homework and enrichment activities for After-school students.